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We are a professional and qualified horticultural services company offering a complete package to create and maintain your garden in perfect order all year around.

About Us

Welcome to Styleview Gardens

We are a professional and qualified horticultural services company offering a complete package to create and maintain your garden in perfect order all year around.

Not only do we create the perfect landscape environment within your space, including hard landscaping and planting, we also have highly qualified subcontractors who can fulfill all the needs of your garden from irrigation, lighting, building, metal work, tree maintenance, lawn installation, swimming pool construction and design.

With more than 20 years experience our landscaping includes designing consultations, if you want to do the work yourself, or we can design and install for you! With our installation you will not have the concern with rubble-, refuse-, and tree removal, plant supply, soil improvement and nourishment.

We are an organically run company using no chemicals during landscape installation or when we are maintaining your garden all is done in an environmentally conscious manner considering your most precious assets of children and pets.

After initial installation we do not just dump you and leave you to get on with. Our follow up services are pre scheduled and/or you can call when you need our services.
Our maintenance includes planting of seasonal colour, lawn treatments, winter and summer pruning, re nourishing and feeding of your garden, as well as yearly composting.
We have experience in domestic gardens from postage stamp size to large and average properties as well as complex gardens, maintenance and design, food gardens, corporate garden design & guest house garden design.

Recommendations available on request.

About the owner - Heather Mansour

I hold a national diploma in horticulture. My passion for gardening lies in organic landscaping and lovely old fashion flower gardens.

My own garden, is a large mixing bowl of plant experiments and easy living. I hate waste in the garden and so encourage recycling of plant material as well as junk people collect over the years.

I have used old window frames, burglar bars, fencing,  gun poles what ever else I can find, in innovative ways in peoples gardens to create interesting structures of all materials.

If plant and materials cannot be used in the garden I’m designing, there is always a way to recycle it with other worthy causes, many schools and charity organisations are always looking for old stuff like wendy houses, benches or bricks so everything find a home somewhere, in this way there is no waste with plants which are unnecessary in the garden currently under construction. Plants get donated to a worthy home or charity.

Over the years I have designed and installed all manner of gardens from english country rose gardens, authentic japanese,  modern hard structural gardens, tropical,  tuscan,  formal, indigenous and endemic, childrens play gardens, fairy gardens, water gardens, we have even constructed mazes and labyrinths and townhouses complexes.

We can provide advice for you to do your own garden and train your gardner if they require teaching.

I’ve been in the industry for 25 years and continue to love and learn all about horticulture on a continuous basis.